Why Hire An Event Planner For Your Oregon Coast Event

A Case for Your Local Oregon Coast Event Planner

Following just two years in business as an Oregon Coast event planner, I could write a book of adventures from this quiet corner of the States. There is no shortage of beauty however, the conveniences of the city are out of reach, and managing an event can be challenging without the right plan.

Inviting you to join me as I share a few reasons why hiring an event planner is vital for your next Oregon Coast Event.

Keeping The West Wild
While planning events and weddings at a Cleveland concert hall for several years I faced my share of “wild” events, but the Oregon Coast makes its own definition. Elk herds passing through, landslide road closures, wildfire smoke and thick fog are just a handful of factors that I’ve encountered while managing events on the coast.

An event planner cannot change or predict the natural elements, but they can help you best navigate through the area. Rely on your local event planner to assist with coastal traffic notes, weather events, tide tables and natural challenges.

Out of Service
Imagine securing your Oregon Coast event venue later to find they do not offer a water source for catering and guests. An Oregon Coast planner will address these questions early in the process and help you decide if a venue challenge is a dealbreaker.

A planner will also review service contracts and fine print to be sure you are protected from the predatory vendors of the industry.

Pro Tip:
Remote locations allow for memorable photos but may create challenges for your event. Rely on a planner to find balance and solutions. 

With A Little Help From My Friends
Enlisting a team of trusted event vendors is key for a successful event on the Oregon Coast. The remoteness of the area does not allow room for service providers to be replaced last minute. An event planner will connect you with a reliable and responsive team of vendors and coordinate setup and service efforts.

Creativity flows freely on the Oregon Coast inspiring a community of artists and makers. An event planner can connect you with smaller, local businesses to source unique details and gifts for your event.

So Much More Than Décor
In the search for an event planner to best match your plans, remember that services will vary among businesses. Find an event planner who aligns with your style, values, and areas of focus. On the Oregon Coast, there are planners who specialize in beach locations and others who operate solely at venues, hotels, or private rentals.

Event planners may get pushback for the cost of their services and sometimes be dismissed as being there “just for décor”. Similar to any industry there are planners who care, and those who are there to collect Instagram likes and a check. While decorating may be a part of a planner’s role, the majority of their time is spent behind the scene managing the event logistics, lists, and layouts, and covering all the details needed for a smooth event.

Working with a planner helps you to identify missing links in your plans, gaps in service contracts, and how to actualize your plans in real life. They ensure you are not hanging from a ladder or hauling the trash out on your wedding day. We help you identify value in professional event services and can match you with vendors who complement your budget and style.

A planner will lay a  strong framework and flow for your event, they coordinate with vendors and can assist guests upon arrival for a seamless event experience. Consider hiring a professional planner for your next event to help navigate the wild and unwavering spirit of the Oregon Coast.

Wedding night at The Rosebriar Mansion, Astoria OR

J. Rickey Events is a full-service event planning company based in Astoria, Oregon specializing in personalized and creative events, weddings, Oregon Coast Elopements.

Sneaking a photo just before a walk down the aisle at Shively Park. Bride: Dixie Photographer: The Ginger Co., Texas



Tablescape designed for The Rosebriar Mansion, by J. Rickey Events of Astoria, OR Photo: Megan VanDoran Photography